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Hammer Strike

Starting @ $300

*plus tax and travel fee outside standard travel radius

2 Targets for 2 Hour Event

Includes set-up, tear-down, and a coach for the duration. The coach will run games or facilitate open archery shooting. Leaderboards, tournaments, and/or prizes can be added.


Starting @ $500

*plus tax and travel fee outside standard travel radius

4 Targets for 2 Hour Event

Now we're getting serious! Add two more targets to double the fun and make sure everyone finds their inner Viking before the day is done.


$75 / $100 per hour for 2 or 4 targets

Additional Hourly Rate

Need more time to have more archers cycle through, or just want to shoot arrows longer? No problem. Add however much more time you need to the standard packages.




Starting @ $35 per hour

*Mjölnir Slá can only be booked as an add-on service

1 Mjölnir Slá Stump & Hammer

Includes one stump, one blacksmith hammer, nails, and playing instructions.


Starting @ $60 per hour

*Mjölnir Slá can only be booked as an add-on service

2 Mjölnir Slá Stumps & Hammers

Includes two stumps, two blacksmith hammer, nails, and playing instructions.


S.F.T. ARCHERY          MJÖLNIR SLÁ          KUBB          AXE THROWING Jr.          VIKING COACH

Safety is our number one priority. Our archery lanes utilize soft, foam-tipped (S.F.T.) arrows that are specially designed for safety, and only fired from low poundage long bows. The combination of the two creates an archery experience that can safely be done indoors or in large traffic areas of heavily populated events. You will also have a coach on site for the full duration of your booking to both teach and enforce safety rules for handling and the bows and arrows---ensuring everyone comes away safe and having had a good time. 

*Packages and pricing for archery targets listed below are for stand-alone events. If archery is added as an add-on to an axe throwing booking, no additional travel fee is charged.

Try our version of the popular hammer strike stump game that we call Mjölnir Slá. Players are given a nail and share a hammer with the option of 2 ways to play: 

1. Strike - players compete to see who can get their own nail flush in the wood first.

2. Battle - players compete to drive each other's nails in the wood. The last player with a nail standing wins.

Book one or two stumps as an add-on to either your axe throwing or archery event.

Viking Coach



A traditional Swedish lawn game thought to have originated over a thousand years ago, Kubb (pronounced ku:b like tube) can be described as lawn chess meets horseshoes or corn hole.

Played with wooden blocks (kubbar or kubbs) and wooden batons (kastpinnar), the objective is to use the batons to knock over your opposing team's kubbs, and the king placed in the center of the field, before they can knock down yours.

1 Kubb Lawn Game Set

$20 per day/event*

*Kubb can only be booked as an add-on service


Looking to add a little authenticity to your viking axe throwing or archery experience?


Have your coach dressed in full historically "plausible" viking garb to add a little ambiance to your next event.


Let us know when you submit your booking if you'd like to learn from a real Modern Viking.

Coach in full Viking Garb

$50 per day/event


© Grimfrost 2023


Unfortunately, not everyone is quite old enough to wield the throwing axes and sometimes that can lead to very disappointed young faces.

Now offering Axe Throwing Jr. targets so everyone can participate. Book one or two Jr. targets as an add-on* to either Axe Throwing or Archery.

One Target

$25 per day/event

Two Targets

$4per day/event

*Can only be booked as an add-on service

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