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1. Is throwing axes safe?

Safety is our number one priority. Our enclosed target range will help to protect axe throwers, archers, spectators, and property. You will also have a coach on site for the full duration of your booking to both teach and enforce safety rules for handling and throwing the axes or bows and arrows---ensuring everyone comes away safe and having had a good time.

2. What is the minimum age for an axe throwing party?

We highly recommend ages 12 and up. Any younger and it becomes difficult to handle the axe properly. We do generally leave it up to the parent or guardian's discretion, but our cut off for insurance is 10.

3. How far will you travel? Will you come to my area?

We are based in South Jordan, UT and our standard base prices include a 5 mile travel radius with no additional fee. However, we are happy to travel just about anywhere you need us to (Utah, Davis, Weber, Summit, Washington counties, Idaho, and beyond) with the addition of a travel fee based on distance and time required. Please contact us for details and a quote.

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4. How big of a party can you accommodate?

This depends largely on how you want the axe throwing party or archery to run and how long the axe throwing or archery activity will be available at your event. We've done events as small as 8 and as large as 2,000+ throwers. For axe throwing, a standard base party is for 2 targets/2 hours. With an open throwing format, we can generally cycle through about 40-50 throwers per hour. For coordinated games and tournaments, that number drops to about 6-8 per target per hour. You have the option of booking more time, a total of 4 targets, or changing up the format to accommodate more throwers. Contact us for details and we can make a recommendation.

5. How much space do you need?

The two target range has a footprint of 22 ft. long x 8ft. wide x 11ft. tall. The 4 target range has a footprint of 22ft. long x 16ft. wide x 11 ft. tall. Provided your space is flat, level, and at least this large, we can set up. Details and pictures of each range size can be found here.

6. Can you set up indoors?

YES! Or in your backyard, or driveway, or parking lot, or anywhere you have space. Our enclosed axe throwing range includes a sub-floor, and we can provide tarps to protect any interior flooring as well. However, set-up in any location other than a paved surface may require a special quote based on the additional time required for set-up and tear-down. Please contact us for details.

7. Are you insured?

Absolutely. And we can provide a certificate of insurance if the venue you are using requires it.

More questions?

Contact us by email or texting the number below and we'll respond as soon as possible.
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